🏂Using Templates

Everything you need to know about working with templates in the CvToBlind app

Uploading templates

Once you have a template ready, simply go to https://app.cvtoblind.com/templates/new and upload the template. You can modify its name, as well as tweak the ownership:

  • If you're part of an organization, you can choose whether you want the template to be shared with the organization, or to be available just to your account

  • If you're not in any organization, the template will be visible to your account only. You can change this later, once you join an organization

Once you upload the template, it will be validated - if it's incorrect, you won't be able to add it to your account. In that case, we recommend going to the Template Sandbox and tweaking the template until it renders correctly.

Selecting templates

Once the template has been added to your account/organization, we can start using it. There are two options here:

  1. You can set it as a default template for PDF/DOCX renders on all blinds on your account. This will apply to every blind that hasn't had a specific template assigned. To do this, simply click the house button in the "Actions" column:

  2. You can also change the template individually per blind, in the blind edit screen:

    Once a template has been changed for a blind, it will be "attached" to that template, regardless of any changes to the default template.

Deleting templates

You can delete any template except for our built-in default ones. In case a template is deleted, any blind that had it assigned to it will be switched back to using the default CvToBlind Template.

Deleting a template owned by the organization deletes it for all organization members, so be careful.

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