🗄️Blinds Tab

Binds tab is a place where you can find all the files processed in our app.

Overview of the Blinds tab

The Blinds tab stores all the files processed in our app by you and teammates from your organization (if applicable). In this tab, you can make a search, preview each file, go to the Edit screen, and delete the files.

The table uses pagination and shows 10 rows per page.

Blinds Table

The table consists of the following columns:

  • ID - our internal name to ensure each document has a unique ID in our app

  • Status:

    • 🟢 - file processing completed successfully

    • 🟣 - processing in progress

    • 🔴 - processing failed

  • First name - first name extracted from the uploaded document

  • Role - the main role found in the uploaded document

  • File Name - the name of the uploaded document

  • Created by - user name who uploaded the file.

  • Last Modified - time of the latest change on the Edit screen. If there is no change, the Uploaded date

  • Uploaded - time when the file was uploaded to the app

  • Actions:

    • 👁️ Preview - render the data in the default template. If the default was changed to another template for this particular file, the latter template will be displayed.

    • ✏️ Edit - go to the Edit screen.

    • 🗑️ Delete - it deletes the file permanently. This action can't be reverted.

The search function allows filtering the table by First Name, Role, and File Name.

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