🗃️Templates Tab

In Templates tab you can manage your templates and new files.

Overview of the Templates tab

The template topic covers many areas. This page is focused on what you can do in the Template tab.

If you're looking for information on how to customize our templates, what fields you can display in your templates, or anything else about adding your own templates, go to the Creating / Updating a Template page.

The templates tab allows to:

  • store all the templates in a table

  • choose the default template

  • download the template in DOCX file with the template's structure

  • edit the template's name and ownership

The Templates table

The table consists of the following columns:

  • ID - our internal name to ensure each document has a unique ID in our app

  • Default - 🏠 indicates which template is selected as the default one

  • Name - template's name

  • Owner - informs who can use the template. If the owner is an organization, all members can use it. Otherwise, only you (or, in other words, the user who uploaded it) have access to it.

  • Last Modified - time of the latest change of the template. If there is no change, the Uploaded date

  • Uploaded - time when the file was uploaded to the app

  • Actions:

    • 🏠️ Set as the default template

    • ⬇️ Download - download the file as DOCX with the template's structure.

    • ✏️ Edit - you can change the file name and who can use the file.

    • 🗑️ Delete - it deletes the file permanently. This action can't be reverted.

How Default Template works

After signing in, our built-in templates are assigned to your account, and one of them is set as the default template.

You can select the default template in the Template tab by clicking a home icon in the Actions column.

When you change the default template, all the blinds will be available for preview and download in this layout.

If you change a template on the Edit screen from the default to another, preview and download functions will render the file in the latter layout.

If you remove a template flagged as default, our app will pick a built-in template for this role.

How Update Template works

Click on the pencil icon to change the template name and ownership.

The ownership has two options (if you're in an organization):

  • Only me - only you can use the template and change its name.

  • Organization - all members can use the template and change its name.

If you're not a member of an organization, you will see Only me.

How Upload Template works

This function allows to upload of a new template.

❗️ To upload the file correctly, follow these rules:

  • The file must be in DOCX format.

  • The file DOCX file name must differ from other files uploaded to the Template tab. For example, your Template tab stores Template 1.docx and Template 2.docx. If you're adding another file named Template 1.docx, it may not work, and it's better to change this file name.

  • The template name must be between 3 and 30 chars.

  • Ownership must be defined:

    • by default, it's set to Only me

    • if you're in an organization, you can choose between Only me and Organization Read How Update Template works to learn about Only me and Organization

To learn how to create a new template or update an existing one, go to Creating / Updating a Template

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