✏️Edit Data Screen

Learn what you can do on the Edit screen

Overview of the Edit screen

On the Edit screen, you can review and edit the content from the CV. Here, you can also preview how the data will look in your blind or profile template. You can change the templates to which the data will be saved and download it as PDF and DOCX (Word) files.

What content can you work with on the Edit screen?

Below, we listed what fields and sections are currently available on the Edit screen. If your blind or profile templates need different fields, we can show them on this screen and provide them in the final documents.

For example last name, physical address, email, LinkedIn profile - the whole list you will be linked here

Current list of fields and sections on the Edit screen:

  • First name

  • Main role - if it's not defined in the CV, it's propagated from the latest job position

  • Total experience - it's taken from the summary section in the CV. If not available, it's calculated based on the oldest working experience start date.

  • Summary - propagated from the CV as is. If not available, our app generates the summary based on the working experience and skills.

  • Skills - all the skills mentioned in the uploaded document.

  • Technologies - all the stack and technologies mentioned in the uploaded document

  • Experience - a list of job positions, ordered from the latest to the oldest

    • Company name

    • Start date and End date

    • Roles

    • Responsibilities

    • Stack

    • Project description (soon)

  • Education

    • University

    • Major

    • Degree

    • Start date and Finish date

  • Certifications

    • Certificate name

    • Date

  • Languages

    • Language

    • Level

  • Hobbies

What you can do on with the data

The edit screen was designed to help you review the data, make adjustments, and keep the file up to date. Thus, it allows for editing, adding, removing, and reordering content displayed on the screen.

Edit content

To edit a field, click on a pencil and modify it how you need it.

Add and Remove content

If you want to add some text, click on a plus icon to create a new placeholder where you can enter new text.

If you want to remove something, click on the X icon, and the highlighted row will be removed. You can also remove a whole position from the Experience section by clicking the Delete button. Both types of deletions cannot be reverted.

Order of items

The order of items in each section will be propagated to your blinds and profiles. If you prefer to change it and display information in a different sequence, you can drag and drop an element and move it up or down.

Change template

On the right side, you can read which template is currently assigned to the file, and if you click Preview file, Download as PDF and Download as Word, the data will be saved to the selected template.

You can change the template by clicking Change template and selecting a new one. Your choice will be remembered as a default template for this document.

Download your blind or profile

To download your blind or profile, you can click on Download as PDF and Download as Word, and the files will be generated in a few seconds.

Before downloading you can always preview the file by clicking on the Preview file button.

Rate your conversion

You can give us feedback about each conversion. This option is available once per document, so if you change your mind after sending the feedback you can always reach out to us at hello@cvtoblind.com.

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