🖥️REST API Overview

CVToBlind can also be used programmatically via our REST API. You can find our OpenAPI specification over at https://cv-parser-prod.fly.dev/docs

The authentication token can be obtained via the UI, in your user profile, in the API Key tab Currently, only the core workflow is supported:

  • Uploading CV's

  • Running conversions

  • Rendering profiles

  • Retrieving profiles

How to integrate

First, generate an API key in your user tab. The token needs to be supplied with each request (see Bearer documentation). In order to parse a CV into a blind / profile:

  • Upload a CV and save the generated `profile_id`

  • Trigger the extraction via /v1/extract

  • Periodically query the /v1/profile/{profile_id} endpoint and check the conversion status. Within <60 seconds, the status will be updated to either "done" or "failed", in case the conversion fails.

  • Once the conversion is ready, the data field will contain all the profile data that was extracted

  • You can either retrieve the data as JSON with /v1/profile/{profile_id} endpoint, or render a document (either as pdf or docx) via `/v1/render`

Additional info

  • Avoid calling the /v1/extract endpoint multiple times, as we track each completed conversion towards the usage quota - even if the conversion was previously completed. Currently, there are no safeguards to prevent this being called multiple times.

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