🏜️Template Sanbox


Overview of The Template Sandbox

The sandbox was created to validate the Blind templates before they would be used in the CVtoBlind application. The sandbox is an easy-to-use tool that allows to upload a DOCX file and test it against CV data added to the sandbox.

The tool validates the technical structure of the uploaded file and renders the document with the CV data from the JSON Editor (Andrew Converter). If something is wrong with the file, the tool will show an error message and may suggest what issue it encountered.

Template Upload

Browse a DOCX file or drag and drop it. You can upload one file at a time.

JSON Editor

This is the default CV data used to fill in your DOCX file.

You can modify JSON and its content to see how your template will respond to the changes.


In this section, you will see a preview of your template.

If something is wrong with the template, the tool may display an error message in the Output.

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