🤖Conversion Screen

In this page you will learn about how our Conversion process works.

Overview of the CV conversion

On the Convert screen, you can see what file has been uploaded and is ready to be converted. Once you click the Convert button, the process will be started. The conversion can take up to 60 seconds. Usually, it is around 5-10 seconds.

If you want to change the file, you can click on Choose another file, Convert CV or our logo, and you will be back on the Upload screen.

What happens during conversion?

Our app analyzes the content from the CV and maps texts from the document on the objects that will be part of your blind or profile. When this process is complete, the app will display the Edit screen.

You can start the process and leave the page or close the app. When you come back, you can find your file in the Blinds tab.

How to convert multiple files at once?

Currently, you can open our app in as many web browser tabs as you need and upload each file in a different tab.

We will add an option to process multiple files at once this year.

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